Pure poison for unborn babies: Alcohol in pregnancy threatens severe disabilities for the baby

Pure poison for unborn babies: Alcohol in pregnancy threatens severe disabilities for the baby

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FASD: Alcohol during pregnancy must be taboo

Most people are aware that high alcohol consumption is harmful to health. However, even a few pregnant women think that one or the other glass is fine. But if expectant mothers take beer, wine and Co., they also endanger the unborn baby. Health experts therefore point out that alcohol must be taboo during pregnancy.

High alcohol consumption

Health experts say that German alcohol consumption is far too high. On average, every German citizen consumes almost 134 liters of alcoholic beverages per year. Anyone who uses beer, wine, etc. frequently endangers their health. But one or the other glass it may be. However, this does not apply to expectant mothers. Alcohol during pregnancy must be taboo.

Alcohol taboo for pregnant women

Many people still don't realize that drinking alcohol has consequences for the unborn. Even some pregnant women are unaware of the alcohol taboo.

A survey showed that around 18 percent of Germans consider alcohol acceptable during pregnancy.

However, many children who were exposed to alcohol in the womb later suffered consequential damage. A glass is dangerous, health experts warn.

10,000 newborns with alcohol-related impairments every year

According to a statement by the Federal Ministry of Health, alcohol consumption during pregnancy in Germany is the most common reason for non-genetic disabilities.

According to estimates, around 10,000 babies with alcohol-related impairments (so-called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)) are born in Germany every year.

It is believed that more than 1,000 children have the full-screen image of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), a serious mental and physical disability.

Avoidable disabilities

"Alcohol during pregnancy can have serious consequences for the unborn child," said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn.

"Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are one of the most common handicaps in Germany at birth and are completely avoidable," said the politician.

The Federal Government's Drugs Commissioner, Marlene Mortler, added: "FASD is incurable, those affected need lifelong help - it is easily avoidable!"

And further: "The sooner everyone knows about the health risks from alcohol consumption during pregnancy, the better! It is good and sensible to teach children and teenagers how dramatic the consequences are for the unborn child. ”

With the project “Pregnant? Your child drinks too! Alcohol? No sip - no risk! ”Is intended to deepen students' knowledge of the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. (ad)

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