Vulnerable people: who should get flu now?

Vulnerable people: who should get flu now?

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Respiratory diseases: Now get vaccinated against flu

Even now, doctors are advising to be vaccinated against the upcoming flu. Risk groups in particular are called upon to protect themselves from the approaching influenza. Because the right flu leads to thousands of deaths every year. For the first time, the statutory health insurance companies are entitled to full payment for the quadruple flu vaccine.

Particularly difficult course

The last flu season was particularly difficult and led to around nine million visits to the doctor. Over 330,000 influenza viruses confirmed by laboratory diagnostics were reported last winter. Almost 60,000 people had to be hospitalized in hospitals. The infection was fatal in 1,665 people. Health experts advise that those who do not want to take unnecessary risks this winter should take advantage of protection options and get vaccinated.

Prepare yourself against influenza in good time

In order to protect yourself from a flu infection, it is generally a good idea to strengthen the immune system, keep away from the sick and wash your hands regularly.

Protection is also provided by the flu shot, which is recommended by the Standing Vaccination Committee (STIKO) at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and other health experts, especially for people at increased risk of serious illnesses.

"Older people in particular, who can be particularly affected by severe flu, should prepare themselves for influenza in good time," said Heidi Günther, a pharmacist at Barmer in a message from the health insurance company.

"After vaccination at the doctor's, the body needs about ten to 14 days to build up sufficient protection against the viruses," says the expert.

Vaccination protection is especially important for people from risk groups

Flu is not a simple cold, but a serious illness that can tie the person in bed for days or even weeks.

The sufferer often suffers from suddenly high fever, dry cough and severe headache and body aches.

"People over 60 years, chronically ill and pregnant women have an increased risk of a particularly severe course of flu and should therefore be vaccinated," said Günther.

But people who come into contact with many others every day and are at increased risk of infection should also protect themselves.

These included the medical and nursing staff in hospitals and nursing homes, retail workers, bus drivers and teachers.

The health insurance companies cover the costs of the flu vaccination for these risk groups.

Vaccine protects against multiple strains of viruses

Because flu viruses can change quickly, the vaccine is adjusted annually. “The current flu vaccine protects against two influenza A and B strains. The doctor usually injects him into the upper arm, ”explained Günther.

Because the vaccine is made using chicken eggs, it is not suitable for people with severe chicken egg allergy.

In the case of a mild allergy, however, it can usually be administered without problems. (ad)

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