Tattoo removal only by doctors

Tattoo removal only by doctors

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Tattoo removal prohibited for naturopaths

On October 19, 2018, the Federal Council approved the federal government's proposed regulation, but decided to make some changes. All licensed doctors with the necessary specialist knowledge can now carry out tattoo removal. Alternative practitioners are excluded from this as proposed in the government proposal. However, the regulation will only enter into force in December 2020.

The use of lasers, high-energy lamps and ultrasound for cosmetic or other non-medical purposes has been newly regulated. In the future, only doctors will be able to carry out laser treatments to remove tattoos or permanent makeup. Contrary to the government bill, not only dermatologists or plastic surgeons are entitled to do so, but all licensed doctors, provided they have the relevant expertise. All other professional groups, including non-medical practitioners, are prohibited from using lasers for cosmetic or other purposes.

Later entry into force for NiSV

The Federal Council also decided that the corresponding ordinance (so-called NiSV) will only come into force at the end of 2020. The government had originally only planned a transition period of 3 months. (sb)

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