Cholesterol lowerers are much more effective with a Mediterranean diet

Cholesterol lowerers are much more effective with a Mediterranean diet

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Can a Mediterranean diet improve the effectiveness of medication?

Does our diet affect the effectiveness of medication taken? Italian researchers have now found that so-called statins work better when combined with a Mediterranean diet.

In their current study, scientists from the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention in Italy found that statins are more effective if people ingesting them also consume a lot of fruit, vegetables, legumes and other traditional Mediterranean ingredients. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "International Journal of Cardiology".

This is how you protect yourself optimally from death from cardiovascular diseases

If people have had a heart attack or stroke, they should eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and legumes in addition to the statins. Such a form of nutrition increases protection against death from cardiovascular diseases. The results of the current study should encourage scientists to investigate how to improve medication with the help of diet, the experts say.

Mediterranean diet favors the effects of statins

It was found that statins and a Mediterranean diet are more effective together. Together, they reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality, the doctors explain. It is likely that a Mediterranean diet will promote the positive effects of statins, the study's authors add. The beneficial combination of statins and Mediterranean nutrition appears to be reduced by reducing inflammation. Inflammation increases the risk of various diseases and mortality. The Mediterranean diet is rich in cereals, olive oil, wine and fish, but contains little meat.

Interaction between food and medication has so far been neglected

The study included 1,000 patients and examined the drug-diet interactions. The data suggest that experts should focus more on the possible food-drug interactions. This aspect has so far been largely neglected in research. The current investigation builds on an earlier study that found that heart disease can be better treated with a Mediterranean diet than with cholesterol-lowering drugs.

The risk of premature death in cardiac patients was reduced by 37 percent

In the previous study, the researchers concluded that a diet rich in vegetables, nuts, fish, and oils could reduce the risk of premature death in cardiac patients by 37 percent. The doctors examined 1,200 people who suffered from heart diseases. They found that participants who came closest to a typical Mediterranean diet were less likely to die early. To date, cholesterol-lowering drugs like statins have been thought to be the most effective way to fight heart disease. (as)

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