Lose weight: facts or fake? Does our fat loss only start after 30 minutes of sports sessions?

Lose weight: facts or fake? Does our fat loss only start after 30 minutes of sports sessions?

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Sore muscles, losing weight, sweating: questioning various sports myths

Exercising regularly helps you lose weight. But is it true that fat burning only begins after 30 minutes of training, as is often claimed? And is it really a good sign that sore muscles develop after exercising?

Exercise helps you lose weight

According to studies, more and more overweight people live in Germany. Many try to lose weight through a low-calorie diet or diet. But that alone is usually not enough. In order to reduce belly fat, it is usually necessary to exercise regularly. Endurance sports are particularly suitable here. Short training sessions, on the other hand, do not help you lose weight, is often claimed. But is that really true, or is this claim to be classified in the category of sports myths?

Burn more calories than you eat

It is often said that you have to exercise for at least half an hour before fat burning begins. But can you really lose weight only after exercising for more than half an hour?

No, my health professional. Even a few minutes of exercise every day boosts fat burning.

Regular interval training in particular helps to become leaner.

If you want to reduce your weight, you have to pay attention to a negative calorie balance. Burning more calories than you consume.

Scientifically proven

Scientific studies have also shown that even small training sessions can help you lose weight.

For example, researchers from Canada reported in the journal "PLOS ONE" about an investigation that came to the conclusion that a ten-minute workout over several months leads to success.

According to the information, the subjects' condition increased and their body fat percentage decreased during the twelve-week study period.

However, there is no reason not to make your training sessions longer.

Sore muscles are not a good sign

You shouldn't overdo it, however. Men in particular exercise more often under the motto "No Pain, No Gain" and think that a little muscle soreness after sport is a good sign, but health experts disagree.

Although experts are still not entirely sure about the causes of sore muscles, it is usually assumed that the pain occurs when individual muscle fibers tear.

The muscle pain is an indication that the body needs a few days of rest.

We strongly advise against “training away”. This only means that the muscles need even more time to regenerate.

Incidentally, the opinion that stretching before exercise can prevent muscle soreness is now off the table among experts.

There are no scientific studies for this assumption.

Some athletes sweat more than others

The assumption that increased sweating during sport is a sign of poor physical condition is also part of the sport myth.

"Although the strength of sweating says nothing about the condition, because it is a very individual property," explains the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP) in a message.

But with increasing training, the body learns to start its own “air conditioning” quickly and to use it efficiently. This protects the heart and circulation, because the peripheral vessels expand faster.

This ensures a consistently low body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure remain low.

For untrained athletes, it takes longer for sweat to drip. However, if he starts with it, he usually sweats very heavily and loses more electrolytes than the trained person, according to the experts.

Inside or outside?

Whether sports should be done indoors or outdoors depends on various factors.

So it is usually an advantage if you run outdoors and get fresh air, but depending on the particulate contamination, this can also be a health risk.

Even in extreme heat or extreme cold, it is advisable to concentrate on sports in the gym or in the gym. (ad)

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