Puffs in the plane - This is why a bulging belly arises above the clouds

Puffs in the plane - This is why a bulging belly arises above the clouds

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Flatulence increases during flights due to the reduced air pressure

The plane is hovering above the clouds and the air is jammed in your stomach? Letting off steam is embarrassing to many - between all the other passengers. But they feel the same way. The drop in air pressure at altitude causes the gases in the body to expand more quickly.

Intestinal gases

The organism produces gases, especially through metabolism and digestion. On average, we have about 150 milliliters of gases in the intestine. They absorb the intestinal walls and release them through the blood. This flows into the lungs, and so we exhale the gases.

What happens when flying?

The higher the plane rises, the lower the air pressure. If the pressure subsides, the gases in the intestine can expand faster than they escape through the lungs - their volume increases by 40 percent. The gases now accumulate well over 3000 meters in the intestine - we get bloating.

Lack of movement

Then there is the lack of exercise. You probably also know the urge to pups from crowded buses. If you sit tightly crowded between other people without moving, this presses on the intestine from the outside and presses the intestinal gases.


You can prevent the flight fur - with a microgranulate. This can be absorbed without water and dissolves in the mouth. The contained substance Simeticon dissolves the gas bubbles. They excrete the active ingredient again during bowel movements.

Appropriate nutrition

For a good reason, many airlines take care not to serve legumes, no onion vegetables and no cabbage, so as not to additionally reinforce the bloated belly. It makes sense to avoid alcohol, carbon dioxide and fruit juices during the flight. Still water and herbal teas are unproblematic.

Let off steam or not?

To fart amidst strangers is embarrassing to most - understandably. However, there is no doubt about health: if you hold back the air in your stomach, the intestine cramps and the air builds up. The intestine rumbles, you get a stomachache. Possible consequences are heartburn, shortness of breath, pressure on the lungs and cardiovascular disorders. So pound - for the sake of your health. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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