Fisher-Price currently warns of fatal baby cradle - 10 deaths already known!

Fisher-Price currently warns of fatal baby cradle - 10 deaths already known!

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10 deceased babies through baby cradle rock 'n' play

In the United States, 10 children have already died from accidents in the “Fisher-Price” baby cradle. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) therefore issued an urgent warning to parents. Because improper use of the cradle can lead to serious accidents resulting in death. The manufacturer “Fisher-Price” has followed the warning about its own product.

In the investigation period since 2015, there have been at least 10 deaths, according to an official statement. The warning says: “The CPSC is aware of 10 deaths that have occurred due to the Rock’ n’ Play product. Infants were rolled from back to belly or to the side. All 10 children were 3 months or older. ” The toddlers were not fastened with the existing belts. This warning explicitly refers to the “Rock’n Play” device from Fisher-Price. The cradle has a fabric-covered bowl that is mounted on a rod with a rocking function. The US “CPSC” wants to protect the public from undue risk of injury or death from the use of consumer goods.

After 3 months of life, stop baby cradle rock 'n' play

“With fatalities continuing, CPSC recommends that consumers stop using the product from the age of three months or as soon as an infant can roll. The agency has already warned consumers against using restraint systems for children with a tendency to sleep, ”said a spokesman.

Baby goods maker Fisher-Price warns parents not to "use the product when babies can roll." The reported deaths show “that some consumers still use the product when toddlers can move around like this. In addition, the parents “do not put on the three-point belt lock”, which significantly increases the risk. The sleeping places should not be provided with additional blankets, pillows or soft toys. The children are at risk of suffocation if they turn their faces into the fabrics and are unable to breathe. Because the babies cannot yet free themselves from this situation. Small children should always sleep on their backs there.

Germany also affected

The warning appears urgent as the Commission has agreed to be published immediately. In the United States, various companies offer such and similar cradles. The product is also sold in Germany via Amazon. In addition, a lot of other baby cradles of similar design are sold by different providers, which is why the warning is not limited to Fisher-Price. (sb)

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