Thyme prevents abdominal pain when eating meat

Thyme prevents abdominal pain when eating meat

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Thyme is wholesome

Thyme should not be missing in any spice rack. The Mediterranean herb has a pleasantly bitter aroma, which is rounded off by a slightly peppery heat. In addition, the small leaflets promote digestion and make hearty dishes more digestible. Therefore thyme goes well with meat dishes such as beef, chicken and lamb. But the herb also gives fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes a fine note.

Thyme goes particularly well with Mediterranean vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini and aubergines, mushrooms, olives, potatoes and goat cheese. Even lemonades and desserts benefit from its bitter flavor. In this way, citrus fruits such as orange and lemon, peaches and figs can be staged anew. For a quick dessert, cut strawberries into thin slices, drizzle them with lime juice and sprinkle them with the fresh leaves. Let it steep and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Thyme is often combined with garlic and other herbs such as laurel, rosemary and sage. It is part of the French herbal blend "Fines Herbes" and the "Herbs of Provence".

Thyme is native to the western Mediterranean. The evergreen shrub grows on mountain slopes, on rock heaths and summer meadows. The lanceolate leaflets are gray-green, rolled down at the edge and hairy felty. Widespread is the "real thyme" (Thymus vulgaris), also called "common thyme" or "garden thyme". Whoever says "Quendel" means "Wild Thyme" (Thymus serpyllum). Lemon thyme (Thymus citriodorus) is often used to flavor herbal vinegar.

In the supermarket, dried thyme is usually available grated or roughly chopped. Many shops offer fresh "real thyme" and "lemon thyme" as a bundle or in a herb pot. Thyme can also be grown on windowsills and balconies. In the home garden, the plant needs a lot of sun, well drained soil and little water. The leaves can be used fresh and as needed.

The typical taste and smell of thyme is primarily due to the essential oil. It mainly consists of the eponymous thymol as well as carvacrol. There are also lamiacea tannins and flavonoids. The herb also has a firm place in naturopathy. It loosens stuck mucus in the airways and is used, for example, as a tea for colds. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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