Iglo with serious allegations: Food manufacturers association promotes unhealthy nutrition

Iglo with serious allegations: Food manufacturers association promotes unhealthy nutrition

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Iglo expresses severe criticism of the food association

The food manufacturer iglo leaves the umbrella organization of the German food industry BLL. The company accuses the food association of deliberately not facing the challenges of the future of the industry. Instead, the BLL is focused on defending and protecting the interests of the food industry and slowing down new, urgently needed changes.

The well-known food company iglo GmbH recently announced, from the Federation for Food Law and Food Science e. V. (BLL) to resign. Antje Schubert, the chairwoman of the management, expressed sharp criticism of the federal government. He wanted to specifically prevent innovations in the food industry from being pushed forward, which would slow down the implementation of healthier nutrition for the population. The German Diabetes Association (DDG) welcomed iglo's move.

Dispute over food labeling Nutri-Score escalates

The dispute between iglo and the BLL escalated after iglo wanted to introduce new food labeling for consumers. The so-called Nutri-Score, which has already established itself in France and Belgium, is intended to inform consumers about the ingredients on a five-level color scale. Companies like Danone and Bofrost also support this system. However, other companies in the food industry spoke out against the Nutri Score. The BLL, on the other hand, recommended its own labeling system, which iglo rated as insufficient. Recently, iglo was even prevented by an injunction from the Hamburg Regional Court from printing the Nutri-Score single-handedly on their packaging.

Stay instead of change

"In the course of the debate about the introduction of food labeling, fundamental deficits in the organization of the association have become apparent," Schubert explains the reasons for leaving in a press release from iglo. Membership no longer makes sense to the company. The BLL lacks any active creative will. An industry association could be expected to think outside the box and to promote European solutions in the interests of all members. Instead, the BLL remains and focuses on defending and maintaining the interests of the food industry, iglo criticized.

Playful trust

"Trust is the most important asset of food companies," emphasizes Schubert. Anyone who believes today that people can be won by politically moderating topics has not recognized the signs of the times. The only way to convince consumers is to provide answers to the current questions, said the chair. To counteract a general loss of confidence in the industry, it takes courageous and possibly uncomfortable steps.

Back room policy in the food industry

Iglo continues to criticize the association for not listening to an open dialogue. The BLL culture is characterized by a kind of "back room policy", where large actors determine the activities and decisions. In the interest of the entire food industry, iglo wants to send a signal with the departure that there are also companies with a different attitude in Germany.

German Society for Diabetes supports iglo

"We welcome iglo's decision to no longer support an association that has overslept the signs of the times when it comes to healthy eating," comments DDG managing director Barbara Bitzer in a statement regarding the resignation. The BLL has so far profiled itself as preventing many scientifically recommended measures to curb obesity. For the BLL, this must be a wake-up call to give up the blockade with regard to healthy eating, said Bitzer. (vb)

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