Health: Even these small sports units can demonstrably extend our lives

Health: Even these small sports units can demonstrably extend our lives

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Physical activity can offset health risks from sitting too much

It has long been known that sitting for a long time makes us sick. Scientific research has even shown that we die earlier. But physical activity can offset the health risks of sitting too long. Short sports units are sufficient for this, as researchers have now found out.

Sick from sitting too much

Sitting is often referred to as "the new smoking". It makes you sick and reduces our life expectancy. However, according to experts, it is unclear whether sitting alone or the lack of physical activity causes health damage. For a long time it was also unclear to what extent physical activities of medium to high intensity - routine activities such as brisk walking to work as well as sports and exercise - could compensate for this risk. Australian researchers have now dealt with this question in a study. Your answer should reassure many office workers worldwide.

Physical activities are especially important for people who sit a lot

In a new study by the University of Sydney, the relationship between long periods of sitting and premature death and cardiovascular diseases was examined and the extent to which moderate to heavy physical activity could offset the health risk of sitting.

As the Australian-New Zealand University Association / Ranke-Heinemann Institute reports, the scientists have created a statistical model in which they compared the physical activity of almost 150,000 study participants aged 45 and over with the data from the death register over a period of over nine years to have.

The key message of the study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, is that physical activity is particularly important for people who sit a lot.

Sitting less is a good start, but it is not enough: the most important lifestyle change for such people would be to look for or create physical activity every day.

20-40 minutes a day is enough

Replacing seats with physical activity - but not standing - reduces the risk of mortality in people who sit more than six hours a day, according to the study's first author, Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis of the University of Sydney.

"In our study, in the least physically active groups, the time spent sitting was consistent with overall premature mortality and fatal cardiovascular disease - those people who had less than 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity exercise per week, ”said Professor Stamatakis in a message.

"For example, people who were physically inactive and sat for more than eight hours a day had a 107 percent higher risk of cardiovascular death than those who were physically active for at least one hour and sat less than four hours," explains the scientist.

"It doesn't even take an hour of physical activity a day."

According to the researchers, physical activity units that meet current recommendations of at least 150 minutes of medium intensity or 75 minutes of intense intensity can reduce or even eliminate the impact of sitting on cardiovascular and general risk of mortality.

"Compliance with the Australian health authorities' recommendation of 150 to 300 minutes a week - this corresponds to an average of around 20-40 minutes a day - already seems to eliminate the health risk of sitting," explains Stamatakis.

Movement where you get out of breath

Previous scientific studies had also shown that regular physical activities can significantly increase the lifespan and that the health benefits of sport continue for years to come.

The current study was carried out by Australian scientists in collaboration with the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the British Loughborough University.

According to Professor Stamatakis, the results can be useful for health professionals and health workers as well as people who sit a lot, such as office workers and others who are sedentary.

"Any form of exercise is good for health, but physical activity of medium to high intensity - an activity that gets people out of breath - is the most effective and time-efficient," said the study author.

“Exercise and workouts are a great way to be active, but not the only option - walking quickly, climbing stairs, and cycling to get from place to place are just a few of the many ways everyday to get around and sometimes even a little out of breath. "(ad)

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