Diet trick: Successful weight loss thanks to the ginger-water mixture

Diet trick: Successful weight loss thanks to the ginger-water mixture

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Healthy tuber: Ginger can also help you lose weight

A study by Columbia University in New York has shown that ginger water can help reduce obesity. Certain “arming agents” are responsible for the effect. These stimulate the metabolism.

Help with weight loss

To lose weight more easily, it helps to move as soon as you wake up. This can start in bed, for example by moving your legs while lying down like riding a bicycle. Weight loss can also help if you drink a glass of honey water in the morning, as this mix has a filling effect. Ginger water is also recommended. The Indian health education Ayurveda has been using the positive effects of this easy-to-produce drink for centuries.

Sharpness helps you lose weight

Spicy food can help you lose weight. A study showed that test subjects who seasoned all of their main meals with chilli reduced their cravings to salty, fatty and sweet foods.

Hot drinks are used to reduce weight. A study by Columbia University New York shows that losing weight works with ginger. According to the researchers, it was found that subjects who consumed ginger tea were satiated more quickly and accordingly ate less.

Certain “agitators” are responsible for the “fat killer” effect. Because chili and ginger contain the active ingredients capsaicin and gingerol, which, when consumed, trigger a heat stimulus due to their heat.

The human body responds to this with increased blood flow and sweating in order to curb the supposed overheating and to cool the body. For this, the metabolism is activated, whereby additional calories are consumed. This burns more adipose tissue.

Start the day with ginger water

But ginger not only helps in weight loss in warm, but also in cold drinks.

To produce ginger water, you first peel the tuber and cut it into thin slices, which you put in a liter of water.

Experts recommend the organic version because it is less contaminated with chemicals.

The water should then simmer for about 20 minutes and then cool down. You can "spice up" the drink with a little lemon juice. If the whole thing is too spicy or sour, you can add a little honey.

It is usually recommended to drink one or two glasses of ginger water in the morning to curb your appetite. You can also enjoy it all day long.

The drink is also used in Indian health education Ayurveda.

Bulb against health complaints

The miracle bulb is not only good for losing weight, ginger also helps against diseases. According to a study, the tuber has a soothing effect on menstrual pain. Ginger is sometimes used even in cancer therapy.

According to the German Cancer Aid, the root has a convincing effect against the stomach complaints associated with chemotherapy, such as nausea and vomiting.

Ginger is also popular as a home remedy for bloating. The tuber works with digestive problems, diarrhea and numerous other complaints.

In natural medicine, the root has long been used against high blood lipid levels. Ginger also has an anti-inflammatory effect and can help strengthen the immune system.

However, people with a sensitive stomach could have problems with larger amounts, not everyone can tolerate the sharpness. Affected people should ask their doctor for advice if necessary. (ad)

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