Lack of fluids when hot: 9 clues for dehydration that have nothing to do with thirst

Lack of fluids when hot: 9 clues for dehydration that have nothing to do with thirst

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These signs tell you that you are dehydrated

Due to the current heat wave, it is increasingly advised to always drink a lot, otherwise there is a risk of health problems. But some people do not pay close attention to the necessary fluid intake and run the risk of drying out internally - without realizing this. Therefore, it makes sense to know typical signs of dehydration.

Thirst is the main signal for dehydration

The current heat makes most people feel thirsty, but not everyone is drinking enough. This can result in internal drying out. The main signal for dehydration is a strong feeling of thirst. However, there are also various other signs of internal dehydration. A report by the British newspaper "Mirror" lists nine of them.


The digestive system needs a lot of water to function properly. Constipation can be an indication that there is not enough fluid to keep the digestive system moving.

Low blood pressure

Another sign of a lack of fluids is low blood pressure. Because more than half of our blood is made up of plasma, which is 90 percent water, we need to drink enough fluid to prevent our blood flow from slowing down too much.

Muscle cramps

Another uncomfortable side effect of dehydration is muscle spasms. Mineral water should be drunk, so that the body gets enough fluid, especially when sweating a lot. Fruit juice spritzer is also a great way to quench your thirst.

A headache

The report points out that dehydration is a common trigger for migraines. According to the information, this is because a number of symptoms such as headache, loss of consciousness and dizziness can occur if the brain does not get enough fluid.

Severe tiredness

Dehydration can also explain why you sometimes experience an energy dip during the day. Because of the lack of fluid, the blood pressure drops and the pulse rises. This combination causes fatigue.

Have to pee less

If you drink too little, you inevitably excrete less urine. According to health experts, however, this is then highly concentrated.

Dark urine

The darker the urine, the more concentrated it is. It is often recommended to drink at least as much per day that 1.5 liters of urine are excreted via the urinary tract. In this way, the kidneys and urinary tract are flushed well. Ideally, the lightest possible urine is.

Dry skin

Dry skin can also be an indication of dehydration. Therefore, the problem should not only be solved with a moisturizer, but also with sufficient fluid intake.

Dry mouth

Last but not least, a dry mouth can also indicate a lack of fluid. This is often accompanied by unpleasant bad breath. So grab the water glass often enough. (ad)

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