Fressnapf extends dog food recall massively: Health-endangering Salmonella discovered

Fressnapf extends dog food recall massively: Health-endangering Salmonella discovered

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Because of salmonella and cadmium: dog food recall from Fressnapf massively expanded

Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH from Krefeld has massively expanded the recall for dog food. Some of the products are recalled due to increased cadmium content, the other due to microbial contamination with Salmonella. It is about different batches or entire stocks.

There were abnormalities during examinations

A few weeks ago, Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH from Krefeld recalled various dog food products. Now this recall has been massively expanded. According to a product information from the company, there were abnormalities during investigations, which is why "the Fressnapf Group is currently recalling different batches or entire inventories of several products nationwide".

Increased cadmium content

The following products are affected by the recall:

Real Nature Wilderness Adult Best Horse Sausages:
Sausage 800 grams, best before date: 18.01.2021, batch number: 180119
Sausage 800 grams. Best before date: 27.02.2021, batch number: 270219
Sausage 800 grams, best before date: April 16, 2021, batch number: 160419
Sausage 400 grams, best before date: 12.02.2021, batch number: 120219
Sausage 400 grams, best before date: April 9th, 2021, batch number: 090419

Reason for the recall: "There is a quality deviation due to a maximum content of cadmium being exceeded", the company writes on its website.

"Supplement: For safety's sake, we call all other batches from the above. Product REAL NATURE Wilderness Adult Best Horse in sausage form (800 and 400 grams) also back ”, it continues there.

Salmonella exposure

In addition, MultiFit native gathering 150g and MultiFit calf throat 200g are recalled because there is a salmonella infection.

Even with the products bovine scalp bar, 180 grams and bovine scalp, 200 grams, as well as the Real Nature Wilderness Soft Snack Horse, 150 grams, exposure to Salmonella cannot be ruled out with certainty.

Customers are asked to return the affected products to one of the Fressnapf stores. The purchase price will be refunded.

Illness can lead to animal death

Salmonella are bacteria that can cause salmonellosis in both humans and dogs.

In dogs, the disease usually begins three to five days after infection.

As explained on the Thieme Group website, salmonellosis in dogs can lead to fever, anorexia (anorexia), vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration.

According to experts, the disease can also lead to the death of the animal if the course is severe.

In addition, there is a risk of in-utero puppy infections or dead or weak puppies in infected, pregnant bitches. (ad)

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