Recall from Aldi: Cookies could contain plastic foreign bodies

Recall from Aldi: Cookies could contain plastic foreign bodies

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Sold by Aldi: Manufacturer recalls cookies for plastic foreign bodies

The Dutch company "Banketbakkerij Merba B.V." has started a recall for the product "Biscotto American Cookies, 225g". It cannot be excluded that there are plastic foreign bodies in the article sold at Aldi Nord.

Cookies could contain plastic foreign bodies

The company "Banketbakkerij Merba B.V." from the Netherlands is recalling the article "Biscotto American Cookies, 225g" sold at Aldi with a best before date of May 24th, 2020. "It cannot be ruled out that in the above Articles with the above Expiration date could contain plastic foreign bodies, ”discounter Aldi Nord writes on his website.

Stop eating cookies

The company advises that the affected cookies should no longer be consumed.

The above article can be returned to the branches where the purchase price will be refunded.

According to the information, the article "Biscotto American Cookies, 225g" from the supplier "Banketbakkerij Merba B.V." Best before date already taken out of sale.

According to the company, the goods concerned were only sold in the Aldi companies Bargteheide, Barleben, Berlin, Beucha, Beverstedt, Datteln, Greven, Hann, Münden, Herten, Horst, Jarmen, Lehrte-Sievershausen, Lingen, Mittenwalde, Nortorf, Radevormwald, Rinteln, Schloß-Holte, Weimar and Werl traded.

Foreign bodies in food

Foreign bodies in food can cause many different injuries and complaints.

Depending on the size, nature and material of the swallowed part, chewing injuries can occur in the mouth and throat.

If they are large enough, swallowed plastic parts can block the esophagus or digestive organs.

If smaller parts remain in the body, they can sometimes cause inflammation. Internal injuries cannot be ruled out either. (ad)

Author and source information

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