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Home remedies for a hangover

Home remedies for a hangover

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A birthday party, a meal together with friends or a warm summer evening in the beer garden: there are plenty of opportunities to drink a few glasses of beer or wine in good company. But if you have reordered too often in the end, you experience the aftermath in the morning in the form of headache, stomach grumble, bad mood and a feeling as if your head was packed in "cotton wool". The so-called "cat whine" can only be avoided by generally drinking less. However, if this does not work, a number of tried and tested home remedies can support alcohol reduction in a hangover and help to get rid of the symptoms as quickly as possible.

Symptoms of the hangover

Colloquially, a "cat" or "cat whine" (medical: "Veisalgia") is a complex of symptoms that occurs as a result of excessive alcohol consumption or mild alcohol poisoning. These can be physical, mental and psychological “after-effects”. As a rule, those affected feel sick and their performance is considerably restricted. The typical complaints of the alcohol hangover mainly include headache, a feeling of queasiness in the stomach possibly associated with bowel sounds, general malaise and irritability as well as tiredness, exhaustion, extreme thirst and dry mouth.

Much water

Those who drank too much the night before can expect a certain amount of suffering the next day. The breakdown of alcohol in the blood can unfortunately not be accelerated. This is because the 'detoxification' is largely carried out by the liver, the speed of which cannot be directly influenced, but instead by various factors such as e.g. depends on the weight of the person.

But there are some tips and proven home remedies that can help you better cope with the typical hangover symptoms. Alcohol removes water from the body and thus important nutrients (such as magnesium, potassium) and vitamins. In addition, the stomach and intestines are irritated due to drinking, which means that the absorption of nutrients is only possible to a limited extent. Accordingly, the top rule of thumb is: drinking - as much as possible in order to quickly balance the stressed fluid and mineral balance.

Calcareous tap water, sodium-rich (still) mineral water, tea or juice spritzers are particularly suitable. Even better are mild vegetable juices, which are seasoned with salt and can thus compensate for the loss of electrolytes. Pure is considered a real insider tip for the electrolytes
Coconut water. No other natural drink can rehydrate our body so quickly and compensate for the lack of minerals.

As long as there is severe nausea, it is advisable to avoid eating and irritating drinks first. Instead, tried-and-tested home remedies for nausea, such as a soothing and stomach-friendly sage or chamomile tea, should be used instead.

Hangover breakfast

If your head is pounding and the circulation is causing problems, an extensive hangover breakfast the next morning can be a good first aid. In addition to sufficient liquid, this should contain plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as sufficient carbohydrates. In addition, the next day, many people feel a craving for salty and sour or a particularly high-fat and protein-rich diet. In general, it is advisable to choose the food carefully so as not to burden the already irritated gastrointestinal tract even more .

The classic for an anti-hangover breakfast is the so-called "rollmops“, Which are herring rags preserved in vinegar and salt and served in the form of a roll. The rolled fish contains many minerals (such as sodium and potassium), which compensate for the alcohol-related nutrient deficiency and support the body's regeneration process. Alternatively, herring salad, bismarck herring or fatty fish such as mackerel and salmon can be used because they contain not only minerals, but also many valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

A rich one too scrambled eggs is a good choice. The amino acid cysteine ​​contained in egg can relieve the liver from alcohol breakdown and binds free radicals. Hearty, salty dishes such as pretzels, stews with vegetables and legumes, beef broth, scrambled eggs with bacon or pickled gherkins are ideal for a hangover breakfast. The generously contained salt also causes a strong thirst and we drink more. There is also a selection of foods that are good for the liver and that help it break down alcohol. These include above all artichokes, beetroot, carrots and spinach, which can be beneficial when cooked or in the form of a juice.

Whole grain bread and cheese, yoghurt, fruit and honey offer a gentle breakfast option, as the fructose it contains helps to remove the toxins from the body. Tomato juice also contains a lot of fructose. Freshly squeezed fruit juices also provide many vitamins. The cocktail classic "Bloody Mary" can be of great service for a cat whine, although this is of course prepared without alcohol or vodka. Instead, the healthy drink made from tomato juice, (celery) salt and pepper and, depending on your taste, mixed with lemon, Worcester sauce or Tabasco. Depending on your preference, this is eaten together with a piece of celery as accompanying "finger food".

Nap in the morning

If you have enough time and do not have to leave the house directly, it is highly recommended that you fall asleep again after waking up. Before that, let the toilet go to the toilet and then drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) liquid. Coconut water, carrot juice or mineral water are well suited here. Give it a try, you will feel like a new person after just a 90-minute sleep cycle.

Morning movement

After breakfast, a short walk is recommended, even if it initially seems as if there is no strength for it. But picking up and defeating the inner bastard pays off. Our heart can pump more blood through the organism - the vessels dilate and carry more oxygen through the body. Fresh air and light movement thus activate the metabolism and circulation, which means that the alcohol reduction is faster. Even if it sounds contradictory to run with a roaring skull - exercise helps us to feel fit again faster. If there is clean snow, this can be used to rub the face with it. This makes you awake and mentally clear, eliminates nausea and stimulates blood flow.

Natural home remedies

Instead of pain relievers, tried-and-tested home remedies for headaches should be used to relieve the symptoms in a gentle and natural way. In many cases, a double espresso helps, because the caffeine blocks the production of a certain enzyme, which is responsible for the release of the body's own messenger substances in the transmission of pain (prostaglandins). It is advisable to add a dash of lemon juice to the hot drink, a coffee with lemon is a tried and true home remedy for headaches. Vitamin C promotes the formation of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine in our body, which in turn dampens the headache. In addition, cool pads or curd wrap on the affected area can be a beneficial help, as can healing earth, which when applied externally as a compress can bring quick relief.

Tea blends

Herbal medicine offers a number of options for alcohol-related headaches. Here, for example, lavender, lemon balm and woodruff come into consideration, from whose blossoms an effective healing tea can be brewed in the ratio of a teaspoon of lavender, a teaspoon of lemon balm, half a teaspoon of woodruff and 250 milliliters of boiling water. A tea made of yarrow, meadowsweet or cowslip is also suitable for a booming head. Other important medicinal herbs are elderberry, ginger and willow bark.

Essential oils

Rubbing the forehead and temples with essential peppermint oil has a relaxing and pain-relieving effect. However, this should be carried out carefully and a high-quality product should be used. In addition, a small drop of oil per side is usually sufficient for effective use. It is important that the eyes remain closed and the oil is only used in a diluted form to avoid skin irritation. Peppermint oil is just as good as aspirin for tension headaches.

Naturopathy if you feel unwell

Homeopathy offers the remedy "Nux vomica", which is also known under the name "Brechnuss", for unpleasant complaints due to alcohol. This belongs to the genus of strychnos plants and accordingly contains strychnine, which is toxic in high doses. In low doses and in a highly diluted form, however, the dried seed of the walnut has been used as a remedy for centuries and is now a frequently used homeopathic remedy.

Nux Vomica has proven particularly useful for low back pain and as a home remedy for stomach pain as well as for nausea and vomiting. Regardless of whether it is a spoiled stomach due to food that is too rich or heavy, stress, worries or an excessive amount of nicotine or alcohol. How the product is dosed in individual cases should be discussed in advance with the pharmacist or a naturopath if possible. In many cases, however, it has proven useful to have five beads (D6) melt in the mouth every 15 minutes in the acute phase, which often improves after the fourth to fifth dose.

In addition to the homeopathic globules, Schüßler salts can also be beneficial for hangover headaches and malaise. Possible salts are No. 3 (Ferrum phosphoricum) and No. 10 (sodium sulfuricum), of which two to three tablets are taken four to five times a day. If there is nausea and nausea, salt 5 (potassium phosphoricum) can help. Potassium sulfuricum (No. 6) activates and promotes the excretion and detoxification processes of the liver, as well as the salt No. 8 (sodium chloratum) can have a positive effect because it regulates the body's fluid balance.

Refrain from smoking

As good as a cigarette with beer tastes, unfortunately it also increases the symptoms of hangovers. Nicotine feels like it lowers the blood's alcohol level, giving the drinker the feeling of being able to drink a lot more. Nicotine also suppresses the actually fatigue-promoting effect of alcohol and stimulates, healthy sleep is disturbed. So it is better to avoid smoking when alcohol is consumed - the headaches the next morning are much less.

Avoid fusel alcohols

The only edible alcohol is ethanol - all other alcohols must be avoided. Methanol can be contained in self-distilled or cheap schnapps from tourist areas - it is highly reactive in the body and oxidizes there to form highly toxic formaldehyde. Inadvertent consumption of even the smallest amounts not only causes severe headaches, but can also lead to blindness or death from circulatory failure.

Likewise, n-propano, isobutanol or hexanol should be avoided, these accompanying alcohols are often found in fruit brandies, whiskey or red wine. Vodka is quite free of fusel alcohol - some swear that it would hardly cause a headache.

Avoid alcoholic hot drinks

Mulled wine, Irish coffee, punch, punch or hot honey mead taste delicious, but can cause a particularly strong hangover. Due to the warmth of the beverage and the digestive tract that is particularly well supplied with blood, the alcohol is excellently absorbed by the metabolism.

Prevent hangovers from drinking

There are many occasions when one or the other looks a little deeper into the glass. Often
The exuberant celebration ends with an excruciating hangover the next morning, which is often fully "cured" after a few days. However, if you follow a few tips in advance, you can avoid the unpleasant after-effects. Accordingly, special attention should be paid to drinking slowly, staying with one variety if possible and pausing regularly in order to keep an overview and to be able to switch to non-alcoholic drinks in good time if there are initial symptoms.

It can be helpful to eat hearty and salty foods before drinking, since fat inhibits the absorption of alcohol into the blood and salt prevents the diuretic effects of ethanol. Greasy dishes such as french fries, potato salad, smoked fish, fried potatoes, pizza and pasta with parmesan or cheese sauce are not the basis for a healthy diet. Before alcohol consumption, however, they form a good "basis", whereas alcohol on an empty stomach should be avoided.

Since the alcohol draws water from the body, it is important to use non-alcoholic drinks from time to time to ensure the necessary fluid reserves. In many cases it has proven useful to drink a large glass of water directly after each cocktail, wine or beer. On the one hand, this prevents dehydration and, at the same time, less alcohol is automatically drunk, which is still the most sensible measure for preventing hangovers.

In order not to wake up with a humming skull the next morning, sweet wines and sparkling wine as well as cocktails, liqueurs, punch or punch with a lot of sugar should be avoided, because the alcohol gets into the blood faster and has a stronger effect. Since carbonic acid also stimulates the absorption of alcohol in the blood and causes a stronger headache the next day, the risk of a hangover is especially high after "sparkling" drinks such as sparkling wine, prosecco and champagne.

Prevent hangovers before sleeping

Before going to sleep, a large amount of mineral water (at least half a liter!) Or a calcium-magnesium effervescent tablet dissolved in water can help to keep the symptoms as low as possible the next day. You should sleep with the window open or ventilate well before going to bed to provide the body with sufficient oxygen during the nightly regeneration. If dizziness and nausea occur while lying down, raising your upper body with additional pillows often helps, and it can also be relieving if a leg is held out of bed or a foot is placed on the floor.

What causes the hangover?

The amount of alcohol that triggers varies from person to person, but women usually experience a hangover faster than men with the same amount of alcohol. This can be attributed to the higher proportion of fat and lower body water in relation to body weight, which means that the same number of alcoholic beverages leads to a higher blood alcohol concentration.

The causes of the development of the complaints have not yet been fully clarified, but a combination of several factors is suspected. The cell poison acetaldehyde, which arises when ethanol or alcohol is broken down, is an important trigger for the cat's misery. Another important reason is that alcohol leads to a lack of fluid (dehydration) because the kidneys excrete too much water due to an inhibited release of the hormone "vasopressin". Since minerals are also increasingly flushed out in the course of this, many experts suspect a resulting magnesium deficiency and / or potassium deficiency. The lack of calcium and sodium is also a common cause of headache and body aches the next day.

Medicine chest for hangover headache

If you wake up too much with a booming head after a few glasses in the morning, you will often first take painkillers in the hope that they will quickly improve. But even if a headache pill can relieve the symptoms, taking it is not always safe. Because active ingredients such as acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), ibuprofen and diclofenac can damage the stomach, especially because it is already irritated due to the excessive consumption of alcohol. As a result, stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea can occur, the drug is used very frequently, in an emergency there is even a risk of bleeding from the stomach and intestinal mucosa or a stomach breakthrough.

The active ingredient paracetamol, on the other hand, usually causes less stomach discomfort, but is very stressful for the liver. Because the largest organ in the human body is already involved in the breakdown of alcohol, the active ingredient can no longer be processed properly. Instead, toxic breakdown products are created, which can lead to severe damage to the liver. Other dangerous side effects can also occur when taking pain medication.

Further complications from alcohol

Difficulty concentrating, diarrhea, slight tremors, circulatory weakness, dizziness and increased sensitivity to light and noise occur, sometimes sufferers suffer from depression, depressed moods, rapid heartbeat or even anxiety. If the high levels of alcohol breakdown lead to a weakening of the stomach lining, acute stomach inflammation (gastritis) can result, which can lead to further symptoms such as upper abdominal pain, loss of appetite or cravings, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms of “hangover day” are the worse the more alcohol is consumed. So it's better to enjoy the alcohol only in moderation, then the annoying hangover stays away. (no, dp)

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