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Home remedies for stretch marks

Home remedies for stretch marks

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Not only older women, but also men and young people are affected by stretch marks. Once they are in place, they cannot be removed. However, home remedies exist that can be used correctly and continuously, which can minimize stretch marks and reduce color contrast.

How stretch marks develop

Especially periods of hormonal fluctuations, such as puberty and pregnancy, affect the protein production of the fibroblasts (the main cellular component of the connective tissue). This makes the skin thinner, which can cause streaks. Strong fluctuations in weight and rapid growth can also influence this. Cortisone treatments and taking hormones to build muscle can also lead to stretch marks. The predisposition to connective tissue weakness is also discussed as the cause. The predilection sites are the abdomen, legs, buttocks and chest.

Massage with oils

Massages are generally attributed to a positive effect on the blood circulation in the skin and the elasticity of the connective tissue. The positive effects can be increased by the targeted use of certain oils and special massage techniques.

Plucking massage during pregnancy

Natural home remedies for stretch marks during pregnancy should be used in good time - ideally right from the start of pregnancy. The sooner treatment is started, the greater the chance of getting little or no stripes.

In this context, a daily plucking massage of the skin is recommended. A few drops of good almond or sesame oil are applied and then the skin between the index finger and thumb is pulled up at short intervals, ie "plucked".

Oil blends on stretch marks

It is important to rub it in daily with a suitable oil mixture. For example, a few drops of lavender essential oil and orange or lemon oil are added to the almond, sesame or coconut oil. Here it is essential to pay attention to purity. Five drops of essential oil are sufficient for 50 milliliters of oil. A massage glove made of plastic can serve well for massaging the oils.

Chamomile combined with lavender is also recommended. Five drops of essential oil are mixed with approximately 50 milliliters of carrier oil. This mixture can be used at least twice a day for existing strips.

A proven home remedy for stretch marks is cocoa butter mixed with olive oil, vitamin E oil and beeswax.

Recipe for oil blend with cocoa butter
  1. Warm up 100 grams of cocoa butter in a water bath with 12 drops of vitamin E oil and a teaspoon of olive oil and beeswax
  2. Then fill the mixture into a screw-top jar and keep it in the fridge
  3. To use, take a small amount and warm it up slightly
  4. Apply the warm mass to the affected areas twice a day and massage in with circular movements

Oils without additives

Olive oil is not only tasty and healthy, but can also help treat the fine "cracks" in the skin. A high-quality, cold-pressed olive oil is warmed up and massaged into the skin. Excess oil is either showered with lukewarm water or removed with a cloth.

Castor oil is an ancient home remedy, formerly used orally to relieve massive constipation. But this oil can also serve well for pigment spots, dry hair tips, age spots and defective skin areas. Lightly warmed castor oil is massaged in daily, covered with a warm towel and a hot water bottle placed over it. It shouldn't be hot, just warm.

The marigold is known from herbal medicine. It heals wounds, both externally and internally. One part of the marigold oil is mixed with five parts of wheat germ oil, which is particularly rich in vitamin E, and used for daily massage, both preventively and for the treatment of existing strips.

Compresses against stretch marks

A home remedy that should definitely be tried is to put on compresses made of lady's mantle decoction.

Lady's Mantle Compress
  1. Put a handful of lady's mantle herb in a bowl
  2. Pour a liter of boiling water over it
  3. After ten minutes of brewing, the brew is strained and a cloth soaked with it
  4. The compress can be applied to the "weak" areas twice a day for a quarter of an hour

Non-pregnant women can also use a horsetail decoction. For this, four teaspoons of the herb are boiled with a liter of water, simmered for a further five minutes and then strained. As soon as the decoction has cooled down a bit, a compress can be soaked and then put on.


Movement strengthens the connective tissue, which can prevent stretch marks. Regular sports, endurance sports are best suited here, can counteract the development of stretch marks, but also refine the complexion by firming the connective tissue in existing skin lesions. During pregnancy, a form of movement must be selected that is adapted to the special circumstances.

Alternating showers

Alternating showers, which are only suitable for legs and buttocks during pregnancy, are a simple home remedy that can be used daily and additionally strengthens the circulation. A subsequent, gentle massage with a loofah glove supports the whole thing even more.

Potato juice

A somewhat unusual home remedy is treating the skin with a cut potato. Here, too, the juice should act first and dry before it can be removed with water.

Orange, lemon and cucumber slices

Only intact skin is suitable for rubbing with orange or lemon slices. Unsprayed fruits are also to be preferred. The juice is absorbed into the skin and then rinsed off with clear water. Instead of the citrus fruits, a cucumber can also be used, especially if those affected tend to sensitive skin.


Perhaps something disgusting, but helpful, is the application of fresh protein. This home remedy for stretch marks contains many amino acids that are good for the skin. If the sticky substance is dry, it is rinsed off with water and the skin is then rubbed with olive oil.

Aloe vera

A good, high-quality aloe vera gel is applied either preventively or with existing stretch marks, massaged in and - if dry - washed off with water. Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant that has a wide range of uses, but above all in the treatment of broken skin.


A peeling applied to the buttocks and thighs supplies the skin with blood and can prevent or minimize stretch marks in this way. For this, a little sugar is mixed with a good oil, massaged in a circular motion and then showered with cool, clear water. This can be used three times a week.

Fruit vinegar

Fruit vinegar is an all-round home remedy. A teaspoon of good organic apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of lukewarm water and drunk in the morning before breakfast boosts your metabolism. Dabbed externally on insect bites, this relieves the swelling. If there are streaks and fine cracks on the skin, fruit vinegar can also be helpful.

Fruit vinegar against stretch marks
  1. Put a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a bowl
  2. Mix the vinegar with half a liter of cool water
  3. Soak a washcloth with the mixture and gently rub the skin in the area of ​​the stretch marks daily

Schuessler salts

Schüssler salts are actually to be found in the field of naturopathic treatments, but must not be missing in the list of various home remedies for stretch marks.

Internally, the Schüssler salts No. 1 Calcium fluoratum and No. 11 Silicea help. Appropriate ointments can be used externally. A pea-sized piece of each is placed on the palm of the hand, mixed and rubbed into the affected skin once or twice a day.

Proper nutrition

Adequate fluid intake in the form of still water is important as a preventive measure, but also to minimize stretch marks. The diet should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. You should pay particular attention to basic foods, as acidification can be a reason for stretch marks.

Almost everything that is not animal is basic. The most important thing is to reduce meat and sausage to a very low level. Fish can be on the menu twice a week. When consuming dairy products, make sure that enough basic food is eaten to compensate.

Base teas are a great way to do something good for the body. Only these tea blends should not be drunk continuously, but continuously for a maximum of six weeks. After that, a break is necessary, or the tea mixture is changed. Silicic acid is generally important for a tight connective tissue and especially contained in millet, potatoes, carrots, wheat, onions and nettles.

Recipe: Basic herbal tea
  1. Mix linden flowers, dandelions and nettle in equal parts
  2. Put a teaspoon of the mixture in a jug
  3. Scald the herbs with a liter of boiling water
  4. After five minutes, the brew is strained
  5. Drink a cup of the tea several times a day (between meals)


In summary, many home remedies promise to help with stretch marks, but endurance and patience are important when used. Some of the funds must be used daily and regularly and for at least a few months in order to be successful. (sw, nr)

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