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Home remedies for greasy hair

Home remedies for greasy hair

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The best tips against oily hair

Those who suffer from greasy hair usually feel uncomfortable and neglected. Despite frequent washing, the hair appears streaky and unsanitary after a few hours. The reason for this can be, for example, predisposition, a hormonal change or unhealthy diet. Other possible causes include alcohol consumption, stress, incorrect care or the constant wearing of hats. If you do not want to use care products, have not yet found the right ones or are looking for natural alternatives, you can try home remedies for oily hair. These can help in many cases and often even eliminate the problem entirely.

Important for oily hair: healthy nutrition

A healthy diet is important for everyone and should definitely be taken into account when it comes to oily hair. Unhealthy sweets such as sweets and soft drinks should be avoided. A base-rich, low-fat diet with lots of vegetables, fruits and fiber is recommended. Basic foods such as salads, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, bananas, dried figs and raisins are very suitable. Adequate hydration should always be considered. Switching to a healthy diet often helps to combat greasy hair.

Tips for proper care

In order to counteract oily hair, the following must be observed in the care. Hot water should be avoided, as this would stimulate sebum production even more. The hair should be washed with lukewarm water. A comb is preferable to a brush because it is more likely to distribute the fat in the hair. Tight braids and the constant wearing of tight hats are counterproductive.

The scalp is irritated by blow-drying. It is best to air dry your hair. If you need to blow-dry, this is best done from the tips towards the approach. Avoid styling products as much as possible because they weigh down the hair. A suitable shampoo is mild, contains no silicones and is enriched with herbs such as chamomile, rosemary, lavender or coltsfoot.

Simple and effective: hair treatments

A proven home remedy for oily hair is hair treatments. These are easy to manufacture, easy to use and inexpensive, but still quite effective. The hair treatments should be used once a week, also combined with the listed conditioners.

Treatment with healing earth

Healing earth is used both internally and externally, for example as a home remedy for headaches or for natural colon cleansing. It can bind poisons and cause them to be eliminated. As a home remedy for natural hair care, it can also be very effective on oily hair.

For a hair treatment, ten tablespoons of healing earth are mixed with 200 milliliters of water. After washing the hair, the scalp is treated with the porridge. After about ten to twenty minutes, the whole thing should be rinsed with plenty of lukewarm water. To intensify the effect, two to three drops of essential rosemary oil are added to the treatment. Rosemary has a balancing effect on sebum production. However, caution is advised here, because not everyone can tolerate essential oils.

Natural yogurt has proven itself many times in the treatment of oily hair. Two teaspoons of liquid honey are mixed with two tablespoons of natural yoghurt and massaged into the washed hair. The cure stays there for ten minutes and is then washed out with lukewarm water.

Hair treatment with walnut oil and egg yolk

The ingredients in this hair pack are an egg yolk, a teaspoon of walnut oil and a dash of lemon juice. The mixture is introduced into the washed hair and works there for half an hour before it is rinsed out with plenty of water.

Pack of egg yolk and brandy

A somewhat unusual hair treatment is the following: Two egg yolks are to be mixed with a little brandy. This is massaged into the washed hair. The exposure time is twenty minutes. After washing out, a conditioner consisting of half a liter of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar gives the hair an extra helping of care.

Conditioners for oily hair

Hair rinses are carried out after washing. Some of the natural remedies stay in the hair, while others should be washed out. Most rinses should be used once or twice a week for a good result.

Healing earth rinse

A hair conditioner is made from five tablespoons of healing earth and half a liter of water. This remains in the hair a few minutes after washing and is then rinsed out. It can be used every day.

Nettles provide strong hair

Nettles regulate fat formation, soothe the scalp and strengthen the hair.

Instructions for a nettle rinse:
  1. mix a teaspoon of nettle, chamomile and rosemary
  2. Pour 100 milliliters of boiling water over the medicinal plants
  3. Add some apple cider vinegar
  4. As soon as the mixture has cooled a little, spread the hair tonic over the washed hair and do not rinse it out

Proven medicinal plants for oily hair: peppermint and chamomile

A strong peppermint tea is not only a wonderful home remedy for abdominal pain and colds, but can also be very effective for oily hair. As soon as it has cooled, it is massaged into the scalp and not rinsed out.

Chamomile has a calming effect on the sebaceous glands and is therefore well suited for treating streaky hair. Four teaspoons of chamomile tea are poured with a liter of boiling water and removed from the water after a quarter of an hour. When the tea has cooled, it serves as a rinse after shampooing.

Rinse with sage and apple cider vinegar

For another effective rinse, a handful of sage leaves are brewed with a liter of boiling water. The drawing time is approximately fifteen minutes. Then add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. The mixture is carefully massaged into the scalp and hair and washed out again after about ten minutes.

Hair conditioner with sage, mint and apple cider vinegar

Another home remedy for oily hair is a recipe in which two drops of sage essential oil and mint essential oil are added to half a liter of lukewarm water. Here, too, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar are added. This conditioner can remain in the hair and does not need to be washed out.

Natural hair care with rosemary and coltsfoot flowers

A tea is prepared from 70 grams of dried rosemary and three quarters of a liter of water. Straining is only carried out when the tea has cooled down. This conditioner is used for massaging and rinsing and remains in the hair.

A handful of coltsfoot flowers are brewed with half a liter of boiling water and strained when the tea is already dark. This is an effective home remedy that also stays in the hair after use.

Lavender for streaky hair

This hair conditioner is also not washed out. A fragrant tea is brewed from thirty grams of lavender flowers and two liters of boiling water. This should rest for about four hours before being used as a rinse.

Hair conditioner with beer

Beer is a very simple and tried and tested remedy that works well on oily hair. Because the yeast contained soothes the scalp and consequently reduces sebum production. A bottle of normal beer (room temperature) is massaged into the hair after washing and then rinsed well.

Witch hazel against oily hair

A hair tonic with witch hazel (witch hazel) can serve well for streaky hair and is also a proven home remedy for dandruff. The ingredients for the natural care product are available in pharmacies, natural product shops or specialized online shops.

For the application you need:
  1. 80 milliliters of witch hazel water
  2. 20 milliliters of birch leaf tincture
  3. Three drops of lemon balm essential oil

The ingredients are placed in a bottle and mixed well. Massage the hair tonic into the scalp twice a day.

Mild shampoo with essential oils

Essential oils such as lemon balm, rosemary, lavender and / or bergamot are added to a mild shampoo or baby shampoo. For every two tablespoons of shampoo there is a drop of each oil. Natural yogurt mixed with the shampoo is just as effective.
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