Fertility impaired by e-cigarette use?

Fertility impaired by e-cigarette use?

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Reduced fertility from e-cigarettes found in experiments on mice

After an experiment on mice, researchers are of the opinion that the use of e-cigarettes in women could reduce fertility.

The University of North Carolina's latest study found that e-cigarettes could reduce fertility. The results of the investigation were published in the English-language journal "Journal of the Endocrine Society".

Results could apply to humans

Experiments on mice showed that the vapor from e-cigarettes prolonged the pregnancy, the mouse babies also had poorer health and grew more slowly. The laboratory study found that the vapor of electronic cigarettes affected the fertility of the female mice. According to the research team, the findings could also apply to people. Mice are routinely used as pre-human test objects because of biological similarities. Male fertility also appears to be affected, according to the research group.

Negative effects of the vapor from e-cigarettes

It took three to four days longer for a fertilized embryo to settle in the uterus when a mouse was exposed to the vapor of e-cigarettes. This indicates that the animals concerned were less likely to become pregnant. The infants of the mice were also found to have metabolic damage and increased risk of heart disease or diabetes due to their exposure to the chemicals before birth. At 8.5 months, the affected animals also gained less weight compared to the offspring of mice that had no contact with the vapor of e-cigarettes.

Animals exposed to the steam were less fertile

The use of e-cigarettes before conception can significantly delay the implantation of a fertilized embryo in the uterus, the research team warns. This affects fertility. E-cigarette consumption throughout pregnancy changes the long-term health and metabolism of female offspring and has lifelong effects on the growing fetus - at least in mice. (as)

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