Diet: Avoid careless eating at work

Diet: Avoid careless eating at work

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Snacks in the office can lead to weight problems

In everyday office life, small snacks are indispensable for many. A number of calories are also thoughtlessly taken in, which often lead to weight problems. Dr. explains how this can be avoided. Susan Albers of the Cleveland Clinic in a recent release.

"When free snacks are available, it is difficult to bypass them, especially if we are having a busy day anyway," emphasizes Dr. Albers. Birthday cakes, bagels or sweets - food is often available in the office that can be consumed on the side - and is accepted by most. But this can quickly lead to weight problems and corresponding health risks. The expert therefore gives some tips on how to avoid thoughtless feasting at work.

Emotionally controlled eating behavior

A lot of office food is not based on hunger, but rather an emotional meal, explains Dr. If we are stressed at work, we become very vulnerable to the available snacks. In addition, you can easily become a victim of thoughtless snacking alongside, because food is "contagious". When we see other people eating, it leads us to join in, says the expert.

Provide healthy snacks

First of all, it is therefore advisable to have healthy snacks available. If, for example, a few nuts or fruit are available, we can access them instead of using the unhealthy, high-calorie sweets.

Keep sweets out of sight

It is also helpful not to place the unhealthy snacks directly in the break rooms or at the workplace, but to keep them somewhere away, explains Dr. So the food is out of sight and hopefully out of mind.

Question your own eating behavior

Furthermore, the expert recommends that everyone should check themselves. Before we grab a snack in between, we should ask ourselves whether we really want or need it, Dr. If you feel stressed at work and therefore increasingly use snacks, Dr. recommends Albers, instead take a short breather and go through the office.

"Think about your motivation - why do you eat? Ask yourself - is it because it's just there? Or are you really hungry? This will help reduce thoughtless eating, ”emphasizes the expert. The extent to which snacks pose a problem remains, however, primarily dependent on which free snacks are available in the office. For the benefit of all employees, greater attention should be paid to the fact that unhealthy snacks are not offered or only to a very limited extent. (fp)

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