Home remedies or ointment: what helps against a sore baby bottom

Home remedies or ointment: what helps against a sore baby bottom

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Prevention and treatment - what helps against the sore baby po

With babies it happens from time to time that the bottom is red and sore. Some parents then resort to often recommended home remedies such as olive oil or honey. But experts advise against it. Instead, they recommend special ointments.

Oil, ointments, powder, home remedies or just warm water? Many parents are insecure when it comes to caring for their baby, for example when caring for a sore diaper. Experts explain what can best help the next generation.

The demonstrably best healing effect in a sore bottom

A red and / or wonderful baby po occurs every now and then. Frequently, the internet and the acquaintances then have a lot of supposedly good advice for home remedies - from olive oil to breast milk to honey.

However, the effectiveness of such care products has often not been proven or, in the case of breast milk, for example, is far too low for serious diaper rash. This is indicated by the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ).

Instead, parents should seek advice from their doctor or pharmacy. According to the information, antiseptic barrier creams, for example with zinc oxide, have been shown to have the best healing effect on a sore bottom.

Change the full baby diaper quickly

The best precaution against a red bottom is a regular diaper change, especially at night: According to a study, babies in Germany have their diapers on average for about eight and a half hours at night.

In other countries, where changes are made after six hours at night, the number and severity of diaper rash cases is measurably lower.

The BVKJ has summarized some tips on the website "", which should help to ensure that a wonderful bottom does not even arise:

  • Change diapers as often as possible (about every two hours for newborns, every three to four hours later).
  • Always remove the diapers immediately after defecation.
  • After each diaper change, clean your buttocks with warm water and dry them gently (e.g. with cotton towels or cotton wool); moist wipes should be avoided because, according to studies, they favor diaper rash.
  • Let the baby kick or crawl naked as often as possible so that there is enough air and light in the bottom.
  • Breastfeeding appears to offer some protection. Among other things, the stool of breastfed babies has a lower pH.

The experts point out that parents should go to the pediatrician with their child early if the buttocks become sore, as this can prevent further spread. In rare cases, another illness can be the cause of the sore bottom. (ad, source: dpa / tmn)

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