Sore muscles: what helps best?

Sore muscles: what helps best?

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So you get rid of your sore muscles

Anyone who has exaggerated in sports or who performs unusual movements is often punished a short time later by a painful muscle ache. To get rid of this again, sports can help best - but only in moderation.

Everything was still okay during training, but the next morning does every movement hurt? Don't worry: sore muscles are not a drama, but can be persistent. Then what helps best?

Microtrauma in the muscles

The hangover comes after drinking and the sore muscles after sport. The pain the day after arises whenever someone strains himself too much or too unusually during training. The overload or new load then causes tiny damage to the muscles, so-called microtraumas, explains Prof. Christoph Eifler from the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) in Saarbr├╝cken. These in turn trigger an inflammatory process and irritate the pain nerve.

What helps against sore muscles?

On the other hand, everything that promotes blood circulation helps, for example a visit to the sauna. But doing sports can also make sense. The prerequisite, however, is not to overdo it: Eifler recommends a rather low intensity for the training program against sore muscles.

This aggravates sore muscles

Violent training or stretching exercises tend to worsen the microtraumas and are not a good idea - just like a thorough massage, by the way. With all this, you should wait until the sore muscles are over. How long this takes varies from person to person. Complaints of up to two days are quite normal.

Differentiate sore muscles from strains

Warning: If the pain starts immediately after an exercise, and if it is particularly intense and stinging, it is probably no longer just a matter of sore muscles, but rather a strain or even a torn muscle fiber. Such complaints are then a case for the doctor. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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