Lidl recall: Frozen ready meals pose risks for allergy sufferers

Lidl recall: Frozen ready meals pose risks for allergy sufferers

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Undeclared allergens in a frozen dish at Lidl

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety and Lidl Germany warn against a frozen meal offered by Lidl, which contains undeclared allergens. As a risk to health cannot be ruled out for allergy sufferers, the affected product will be recalled.

Affected is the product "Eridanous Gyros Rice Dish (Gyros Rice Dish)" in the 750 gram packaging of the manufacturer "Copack Tiefkühlkost Produktionsges. MbH ”with the date of minimum durability April 14, 2021 and the lot number L0045F13.

People at risk of celery allergy

According to Lidl Germany, the rice pan contains the undeclared ingredient celery. "Due to the possible allergic reaction from consumption, people with a celery allergy should definitely pay attention to the recall and never consume the affected product," warns Lidl in a consumer information on the company's website.

Product harmless for people without allergies

Lidl also emphasizes that the product is otherwise fully suitable for consumption if there is no celery allergy. For reasons of consistent consumer protection, Lidl Germany has already taken all affected products out of sale. If you have already bought the rice pan and want to return it, you can return the product to any Lidl branch. The purchase price will be reimbursed there without presentation of the receipt.

Where were the products sold?

As Lidl Germany reports, the affected products were sold in almost all federal states except Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Hamburg, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein. "Other products sold at Lidl Germany, especially other Eridanous products, are not affected by the recall," writes the discounter. (vb)

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