What helps against foot odor

What helps against foot odor

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Dermatological tips against smelly feet

Cheese feet, smelly feet, sweaty eyes - most people know the unpleasant smell of smelly feet, either from themselves or from others. The unpleasant smell arises when bacteria on the skin decompose the sweat on the foot and produce malodorous butyric acid. The smell can evaporate badly in closed shoes and the stench quickly arises when the footwear is removed. How can this be prevented?

Nobody likes to talk about it - but many suffer from it: Foot odor is one of the rather unpleasant problems. Fortunately, there are deodorants. Water, soap and good shoes are often enough.

Water, soap and good shoes help against foot odor

Special deodorant for the feet can be an effective remedy for unpleasant odors from the shoe. First, those affected should try it with consistent hygiene - and maybe with new shoes. This is what dermatologist Ingrid Schmoeckel advises in the magazine "Good Health".

Unpleasant foot odor arises from sweating - which is why it is commonly known as sweaty feet. How much someone sweats on their feet is, among other things, a matter of disposition.

Foot deodorant can help with severe cases

If the sweat builds up intensely, a foot deodorant can serve well, the expert says. Compared to regular deodorant, the products for the feet usually have a higher aluminum content - simply because there are more sweat glands on the feet than elsewhere.

Wash frequently with soap and water

However, it is more important to wash your sweaty feet more often, with soap and water, and then to dry them just as thoroughly. Otherwise, for example, germs can easily form and multiply in moist toe spaces. The result is smells or athlete's foot again.

A “sweat chamber” quickly arises in poor shoes

Changing shoes can also help. Because thick, closed shoes prevent sweat from evaporating. If the lining is still made of synthetic leather, which cannot absorb sweat, a real sweat chamber is created.

What else can help

In addition, sufferers can try the following:

  • Wear open shoes,
  • pay attention to breathable material when buying shoes,
  • Disinfect shoes occasionally,
  • do without synthetic socks,
  • use thin leather insoles in shoes,
  • Use foot powder.

(vb; source: dpa / tmn)

Detailed information and naturopathic tips can be found in the article: Sweaty Feet - Causes and Effective Treatment.

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