Corona virus: Activated water or "virus killer" pendulum - "miracle cure" against corona

Corona virus: Activated water or

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Coronavirus: Suppliers advertise “miracle drugs” against the pathogen

Numerous myths are being spread in connection with the novel SARS-CoV-2 corona virus - including the US president, who recommended that bleach be used against the pathogen. In this country, numerous providers advertise “miracle drugs” that are supposed to help against the virus. Specialists advise you to exercise special caution.

Regular hand washing, keeping your distance from other people, wearing a nose and throat protection when shopping and on public transport, and strengthening the body's defenses: there is hardly anything more you can do about the coronavirus, right? But, my provider of all possible "miracle cures" against the new pathogen. Consumer advocates advise caution here.

Odd things are said to protect against infection with the virus

Good advice is rarely lacking in a crisis. So now: a sticker with a numerical code, a pendulum with a radionically produced mixture of Medea 7 on quartz sand or activated water - all of this and much more is said to protect against infection with the virus.

Unsettled or gullible consumers who trust the statements of such providers may weigh themselves safely.

This is indicated by the Hessen Consumer Advice Center in a current announcement.

The numerical code is intended to have a protective effect

As the consumer center writes, according to the provider, a number code on a sticker means that "viruses and bacteria cannot even enter the human immune system".

According to the recommendation of the provider, the stickers should be hidden anywhere in public places so that they have their protective effect.

The set of 12 vegan outdoor stickers costs ten euros. It also helps to write the code yourself - visible or invisible.

Counter the pandemic with pendulums

A company from Weilburg wants to counter the current pandemic with commuting. There is the "Virenkiller" pendulum for 39 euros and the "NoCov" pendulum for 25 euros.

According to the consumer advice center, the shop owner writes on facebook: "You can also use the NoCov as a preventive measure like a vaccination." And further: "While the virus killer eliminates all viruses, the NoCov is more intended for corona viruses."

Another company from Hesse offers "activated - water in its original form". It is said to help "BIOlogically against germs, viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi".

While such tips can still be categorized as “strange but harmless”, others are quite dangerous - such as the tip to take arsenic and chlorine dioxide to protect against infection.

The consumer advice center therefore advises particular caution when offering alleged miracle drugs. Complaints and inquiries about such offers are currently piling up. (ad)

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