Diet: should tomatoes be stored in the refrigerator?

Diet: should tomatoes be stored in the refrigerator?

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Influence of storage on the taste of tomatoes examined

Tomatoes are full of healthy ingredients and are also extremely low in calories. The fruit vegetable is suitable for delicious dishes such as warm and cold soups, salads and sauces or simply raw on a sandwich with a little chives. It is important to store tomatoes correctly. They are said to lose flavor in the refrigerator. But is that really true?

The correct storage of tomatoes is discussed again and again. Some consumers pack the fruit vegetables in the fridge. But this means that it loses its aroma, others say, and store the vegetables at room temperature. A research team from the University of Göttingen has now investigated whether there are differences in the taste of ripe tomatoes depending on their storage.

Healthy and low in calories

Tomatoes are very popular with the majority of Germans. Every person in Germany consumes an average of around 25 kilos of it every year.

The fruit vegetables consist of 94 percent water and only provide 17 kilocalories per 100 grams.

Tomatoes contain not only important vitamins and minerals, but also fiber and secondary plant substances. It is important to store them correctly.

They don't belong in the fridge because they lose their aroma. The Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) pointed this out in a communication last year.

The experts referred to a study by the United States Department of Agriculture that showed that the aroma of tomatoes suffers particularly when the fruit is stored in a cool place.

Now researchers in Göttingen have also dealt with the correct storage of tomatoes.

No significant differences

How does the taste change when ripe harvested tomatoes go through a standard post-harvest chain and are then stored either in the refrigerator (seven degrees Celsius) or at room temperature (20 degrees Celsius)?

According to a recent announcement, the researchers from the Department of Quality of Plant Products at the University of Göttingen analyzed flavor-related ingredients in new tomato hybrids and examined them in cooperation with a sensor panel.

According to the information, a sensor panel consists of trained testers who use their senses to perceive and evaluate the sensory properties of products. This panel examined, among other things, the noticeable sweetness, acidity and juiciness of the tomatoes.

As the researchers report, there were no significant differences in taste between the two storage options when the entire post-harvest chain was taken into account.

The results of the scientists were published in the journal "Frontiers in Plant Science".

Shorter storage is better for flavor and ingredients

“The variety in particular has a great influence on the taste of the tomatoes. Therefore, developing new varieties with an appealing taste can be a step towards improving the taste quality of tomatoes, ”explains Larissa Kanski, lead author of the study.

"The shorter the storage, the better it is for the taste and the ingredients," said department head Prof. Dr. Elke Pawelzik.

"However, we were able to show that, taking the entire post-harvest chain into account, storing the ripe tomatoes in the refrigerator for a short time did not affect the taste." (Ad)

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