Healthy and happy through gardening

Healthy and happy through gardening

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So your health benefits from a garden

Gardening has been a trend for years. This is not only possible in the country with its own garden at home, but also in the city. Urban gardening is now an integral part of the green movement in many cities. There is also a change of generations in the allotment gardens that were formerly perceived as “bourgeois”, and more and more young people are getting their own greenery.

There are many reasons for this: deceleration, sustainability and environmental awareness. Many are also yearning for a piece of "authenticity" in our increasingly online reality. Best bonus: gardening is very healthy for our body and our psyche!

Why is gardening so healthy?

In an interview with the renowned Mayo Clinic, Anya Guy, an expert in healthy nutrition, explains how a garden contributes to our health in many ways: "Gardening is good for your body and your mind". According to Guy, "caring for a garden offers a wealth of health benefits." She particularly highlights three of them.

1. Healthier nutrition

According to Anya Guy, gardening has a positive effect on our eating habits. Because if we grow fruit and vegetables ourselves, we automatically eat more of them. Those who have a garden in the immediate vicinity benefit from this in particular: "You will increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables, ultimately because you have it right in your back yard," said the expert.

Logical: When delicious fresh tomatoes and strawberries grow only a few meters away, you resort to them rather than go to the supermarket especially for chips and chocolate. The fact that you sowed, poured and harvested the food yourself makes you a little proud and makes sure that it tastes so good again.

2. More exercise

It's not called garden for a reasonjob! Gardening without movement is simply impossible. If we grow part of our food ourselves, we automatically ensure that we give our body more exercise and burn more calories. It is healthy and keeps us fit. If we keep that in mind, even weeding is more fun.

3. Less stress and fear

Gardening is not only good for our bodies, but according to Anya Guy, it can also help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. On the one hand, this is certainly due to the physical movement through which stress hormones are broken down. On the other hand, working in the fresh air is also meditative and can literally “ground” us.

Additional advantages

Expert Anya Guy only goes into the health benefits of gardening. But it is also good for our environment if we grow some of our food ourselves. In this way, for example, we reduce the CO2 consumption caused by transport routes. Plastic packaging is also superfluous if you harvest the products yourself.

So that your own fruits and vegetables are as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible, you should rely on organic cultivation and avoid artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides. It is also worth taking a look at traditional varieties and relying on seeds that are perennial and not genetically modified.

Tip for garden muffle

Do you find gardening boring? Then why not try listening to your favorite music, an interesting podcast or an exciting audio book while you're gardening. Because what works in other monotonous activities such as driving, jogging or ironing naturally also applies to weeding, raking and watering.

What should you grow?

Anja Guy advises that as many different types as possible be taken into account when growing, since each type of fruit and vegetable contains its own mix of healthy vital substances. For example, according to Guy, tomatoes are "rich in antioxidants, contain potassium, vitamin C and are a source of fiber". In addition, she particularly recommends chili peppers and eggplants.

Of course, you should above all grow what grows in our climate and what you like to eat. After all, the healthiest vegetables in the garden are useless if you don't like them.

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