Tension and pain: This helps against the laptop neck

Tension and pain: This helps against the laptop neck

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Laptop work strains the neck: what helps against the complaints

According to experts, fewer and fewer people work at fixed workplaces, but take their work wherever they go. Working on a laptop is practical, but it also poses health risks such as neck pain. But there are measures that can be taken against a laptop neck.

From bed to dining table: it is possible to work almost anywhere with a laptop. This is practical and many find it pleasant - but this work is probably never as good as at a desk with a monitor. How healthy is laptop work in the long run?

Home office in the corona crisis

A correct monitor, preferably height-adjustable, on a suitable table with an ergonomic chair: there are precise rules for what a back-friendly workplace should look like.

But the reality in the home office is often far away from this, in the corona crisis and otherwise - among other things, because home work often happens on the laptop.

Analogous to the so-called cell phone neck, is there a laptop neck at risk - i.e. damage due to the constant unusual posture when looking down?

Prof. Bernd Kladny from the German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU) gives the all-clear: The head tilt is not as pronounced when working on a laptop as when looking at a smartphone.

"Anyone who works like this for two or three months now has no fear of permanent damage."

Strain on muscles and spine

However: it remains a bad posture. "And that always means an overload of the muscles, because in this case it has to support the head in this unusual position," said Kladny.

A head weighs about four to five kilos - so in the long run this is definitely work for the muscles and the spine. "In addition, when working on the laptop, the keyboard is different - this also puts a strain on the shoulder and neck region."

Tensions and pain are therefore preprogrammed - more for one, less for the other. Stress, other stresses and individual pain sensation also play a role here.

Change position regularly

So what to do? Kladny says: movement, movement, movement. And in the form of balancing sports after work, but also during work itself:

"You shouldn't sit in the same position permanently when working at a desk," says the expert. Two to three changes of position per hour are ideal.

"You have to do this actively - otherwise it quickly happens that you forget about it in concentration." (Ad; source: dpa / tmn)

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