Lose weight: how to achieve your optimal weight!

Lose weight: how to achieve your optimal weight!

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Lose weight successfully - so it works

In order to lose weight and stay slim in the long term, eating behavior should be permanently changed. In addition to the reduced calorie intake, regular exercise is also an important factor for weight loss. Professionals have some tips to help you burn fat.

During the corona lockdown, additional "hip gold" accumulated in many people. In order to get rid of the extra pounds, it is important, on the one hand, to ensure a healthy, balanced and calorie-reduced diet and, on the other hand, to ensure adequate exercise. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) explains on its website which tips should be taken to heart if you want to burn fat.

Negative calorie balance

Our body does not function without energy, people need energy in the form of food. For those who want to lose weight, the formula for success could actually be very simple: eat less than the body demands! Or: Conversely, use more energy than is consumed with meals, so that overall a negative calorie balance is the daily result.

That sounds like a simple calculation, but it is far from easy to implement. Because who knows exactly how much energy was used during the day? And even less can we understand how much energy is registered as excess and is ultimately stored as fat.

Get in shape with regular exercise

Regular exercise helps you get in better shape. For example, regular running training increases muscle mass. And more muscle mass in turn ensures a higher basal metabolism. This means that when you're in training, you burn more calories even when you're at rest. TK has summarized some tips:

Don't be too radical: If the weight is to be reduced, the eating habits must of course be changed. Foods with a low energy density help you to get low in calories. However, a diet with the goal "I only eat half as much" is not expedient, because in this emergency situation the body does not access fat cells but muscle cells in order to gain the energy it needs. As soon as a diet is over, the scales quickly show more kilos.

Something is going on: To lose a pound of body fat, you need to burn about 3,500 calories. (For orientation: a runner who weighs 70 kilos and jogs quickly for half an hour consumes around 400 calories). The longer a training session with low intensity lasts, the better the so-called "fat burning" works.

Pay attention to low intensity: It is important to know that fat can only be burned if there is enough oxygen. According to the experts, this is only the case if training is carried out at low intensity and there is a balance between oxygen intake and consumption.
Simple Rule of thumb: Always run so fast that entertainment is still possible. If there is not enough oxygen (for example, because the running lap makes you breathless), you cannot burn fat.

Professionals can do more: The long, slow endurance run as training is a great fat killer. If you already have running experience, you can also try changing pace runs. The principle here: After a short break-in (about five minutes) the pace is increased drastically. Three to five minutes to 85 to 95 percent of the maximum load. Then comfortably run again for five minutes before increasing again.

Use the afterburn effect: Change runs have a very special afterburn effect! Even up to two hours later, the body uses energy storage. This “magic formula” should be used, and carbohydrate-rich foods should be avoided immediately after jogging.

Omit what makes you fat: Sounds simple and it actually is. Steer clear of sugary-sweet foods such as lemonades, juices, fruit yoghurts or smoothies. These are immediately transformed into unhealthy fatty acids, which have just been declared a fight.

Low-carb doesn't mean no-carb: Having fewer carbohydrates on your daily schedule is good, but carbohydrates shouldn't be completely avoided. Otherwise you risk a reduction in physical and mental performance. In addition, cravings for extremely high-fat foods are increasing.

Those who take these tips to heart should actually be able to achieve and maintain their optimal weight. (ad)

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